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The Three Great Enemies of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God!

Yeshua's coming into the world was for the one purpose -- which he caused to be proclaimed in the most public way, of setting up a kingdom -- the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God. This was a DIRECT CHALLENGE to "the prince of this world" (Satan), who has never ceased, from that time until now, to resist the attempt to "spoil him of his possessions."

by John D. Keyser

The true explanation of the whole course of human history lies in the realms of the unseen; and it is only by divine revelation -- as has been given in the Bible -- that the hidden causes of the great historical movements and epochs of the world of men can be known. And let us have no doubt in our minds that all the disorders, conflicts, restlessness and miseries of the world are a result of the resistance Satan has offered -- and still offers -- to the establishment of YEHOVAH God's and Yeshua's rule on this earth.

In light of these Biblical facts, it is of the deepest significance that there have appeared, during all the centuries of the Christian era, just THREE great systems, having a religious character and a political aim, which have set themselves up in DIRECT OPPOSITION to the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God and the express rule and sovereignty of YEHOVAH God and Yeshua the Messiah on the earth. These three systems are satanically energized and have the single object of frustrating the purpose and plan of YEHOVAH. We read, in Luke 11:21-22 --

When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe. But when someone stronger attacks and overpowers him, he takes away the armor in which the man trusted and divides up the spoils.

This world was the strong man's (Satan's) house; and he was keeping his possessions (human beings) in "peace," until someone stronger than he appeared upon the scene and stripped him of his armor in which he trusted. Yeshua's coming into the world was for the one purpose -- which he caused to be proclaimed in the most public way, of setting up a kingdom -- the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God. This was a DIRECT CHALLENGE to "the prince of this world" (Satan), who has never ceased, from that time until now, to resist the attempt to "spoil him of his possessions."


The first system that offered organized and satanically inspired opposition to the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God was THE JEWISH NATION -- the leaders of which were declared by Yeshua himself to be the children of the Devil (see John 8:44). That nation has miraculously maintained its national existence and its traditional religion ("the traditions of the elders") through all the centuries of our era. And it is, of course, BITTERLY OPPOSED as ever to the faith of Yeshua the Messiah. It is a fact that Judaism has NOT improved or changed its nature during the nineteen centuries of its existence in "this present evil world."

Judaism is the religion of the Pharisees and the patrimony of Babylon, from whence the Talmudic and Kabbalistic traditions of Judaism ultimately derive. It is the Talmud, not the Bible, which is the basis of the system of orthodox Judaism. Everything about Judaism is either a distortion or a falsification of the Old Testament because Judaism is based on a man-made tradition that voids the Old Testament by means of a series of dispensations and loopholes. The uncensored Talmud is replete with absurdities and the filthiest and most psychotic libels and maledictions against non-Jews, women and Bible patriarchs imaginable. It specifically defines all who are not Jews as non-human animals, and specifically dehumanizes Gentiles as not being descendants of Adam. Orthodox Judaism's other major sacred book -- the Kabbalah -- is filled with astrological teachings, fortune-telling, gematria, necromancy and demonology. It is the other Jewish wing of the oral tradition of the elders, claiming, like the Talmud, to be part of a secret teaching given to Moses at Mount Sinai.

Judaism's aim still is supremacy over the Gentiles, and its religious attitude is as uncompromisingly anti-Christian as it ever was. Satan, who inspired and directed its activities at the beginning, is still its spiritual leader and energizer. Apostate Judaism has neither quit the field of conflict, nor has it changed sides. Let us be perfectly clear about that. In a statement from the Israeli Mechon-Mamre Torah Scholars we find: "The Torah maintains that the righteous of all nations have a place in the World to Come. But not all religious Gentiles earn eternal life by virtue of observing their religion...And while the Christians do generally accept the Hebrew Bible as truly from God, many of them [those who accept the so-called divinity of Yeshua] are idolaters according to the Torah, punishable by death, and certainly will not enjoy the World to Come" (June 26, 2000). Judaism's character and career as an opponent of true Christianity is pictured in the first group of four TRUMPETS in the Book of Revelation.


The second of the three great systems, religious in character, but having for its political aim the DOMINATION OF THE WORLD, is Muhammadanism or Islam. It is necessary to call attention to the remarkable fact that in Islam we have a movement energized by prodigious spiritual powers of evil -- a satanic caricature of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God being led by a FALSE PROPHET and based upon a FALSE BIBLE (the Koran) and seeking to gain the sovereignty of the world. Islam's earnest goal, set forth in the Koran and hadith (Islamic written tradition), remains the same: to bring all mankind into submission (that's what "Islam" means) and to kill or enslave all "infidels." Islam (in obedience to the Koran and Muhammad's example) is the driving force behind most terrorism today. Muhammad himself declared, "The last hour will not come before the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims kill them."

Islam spread rapidly under Muhammad and his successors through jihad ("holy war"). Muhammad himself planned 65 campaigns and personally led 27 involving naked aggression and treachery. This incredible "evangelism" made "converts" by the millions at the point of a sword. At its peak, Islam had conquered all of North Africa and almost took over Europe. Muhammadanism continues its conquest worldwide. Today's invaders are millions of immigrants who make converts to Islam through misrepresentation. Westerners naively accept Allah -- who inspired Muhammad -- as the God of the Bible. Yet Allah has no son, is unknowable, and was the pagan idol/god of Muhammad's tribe before he was born. Allah tells Muslims, "Take not the Jews and Christians for friends...slay the idolaters [infidels] wherever ye find them....Fight against those who...believe not in Allah nor the Last Day."


The third and last of these three enemies of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God is Catholicism. Here again we have identically the same distinguishing features that characterize the other two and mark them plainly as the enemies of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God. The system is also religious in character, binding its adherents together by that which has ever been the strongest of all ties -- religion. As well as this its aim is political, the same precisely as that of the other two -- namely to gain supreme authority over the nations of the earth.

Judaism bases its claim to supremacy over the nations upon its misinterpretation of the prophets. Muhammadanism also claims a God-given right to rule the world, basing its claim upon the Koran and the pretensions of the false prophet. Catholicism, in this respect, is the most subtle and deceptive of them all -- for its claim to supreme governmental authority is based upon the blasphemous pretension that its head, the pope, is the "vicar of Christ."

One difference between Catholicism and the other two systems calls for special attention. Both Judaism and Muhammadanism have been -- from the very beginning -- the OPEN ENEMIES of Christianity. They are shown in the trumpet visions as openly opposed to YEHOVAH and His saints. However, Catholicism arose not from without but from within the pale of professed Christianity. It has set itself forth not as the adversary of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God, but on the contrary as being the true realization and embodiment thereof. Therefore, it's real character as the enemy of YEHOVAH and the oppressor of His purposes is not openly displayed. It is unveiled as a "mystery" in the days of the seventh trumpet, where it is shown by a special vision as developing out of, and in close political association with the Roman Empire -- the political framework of which was perpetuated and subordinated to its purpose. The gradual transformation of Imperial Rome into Papal Rome has been a marvel of history greater and more mysterious even than the rise and career of Muhammadanism.

The Three Great Systems

This has been the general state of affairs during the Christian era. It is certain that if the design of the trumpet series of visions in the Book of Revelation was to reveal to the servants of Yeshua the great adversaries that were to arise in direct opposition to the purpose of YEHOVAH in this age, then we shall find therein the symbolic representations of just THREE -- no more and no less -- great and mighty religious systems, and each having the SINGLE POLITICAL AIM of subjugating the world. And, on the other hand, if upon careful study of the symbols of the trumpet series we find them such as may be clearly explained by reference to the three systems that have contested the field of the world (Matthew 13:38) with the soldiers of Yeshua, then we are fully warranted in concluding that it was the design of those visions to reveal the rise, the development and end of these great adversaries of the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God.

It is also a matter of deep significance that each of these three great systems has manifested untoward activity in and subsequent to the great war of 1914-1918. For while the political manipulations of the Jews in regard to the finances of the great nations are very carefully concealed, nevertheless the "invisible hand" sometimes shows itself on the surface of world affairs. Also, the vitality of Zionism -- and the progress made in a very brief period of time towards converting Palestine into a national homeland for the Jews -- are among the most significant of the events of the end-time.

Students of prophecy are watching these developments with intense interest, some with expectations (such as that the Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem by the Israelis, animal sacrifices resumed, etc.) which are totally without support in the Bible. Yet, in all of this, is the Word of YEHOVAH with the clear promise that "all Israel shall be saved" (Romans 11:26). That these words refer to the physical, not to the spiritual Israel, is clear from the context -- where reference is made to the power of YEHOVAH to "graft them in again into their own olive tree" (verses 23-24).

Muhammadanism too has had a remarkable recrudescence -- not withstanding the seeming death-wound to the Ottoman Empire in the First World War. The marvelous recovery under the regime of the Young Turks, the unrest in India, Egypt and elsewhere, and the dread possibility of concerted action by the Muslim countries of the world against the United States and the nations of western Europe ("the Christian nations," so called) are not the least among the anxieties of the heads of governments in these perplexing times.

Finally, as to the activities and gains of the Papacy in the field of world politics, coupled with that of religion (where it is taking full advantage of the disintegration of the Protestant denominations under the canker of Modernism) it is needless to speak. In fact, it would require an entire book to tell the full story. It is enough for those with understanding to see that these THREE MIGHTY SYSTEMS OF EVIL -- the agencies of the god of this world -- are all ready for instant action when the blast of the SEVENTH TRUMPET will announce the hour for the last fatal conflict in which all that oppose the Kingdom of YEHOVAH God and the power of His Messiah shall be finally and completely overthrown.

It is indeed a very significant fact that in the tiny country of Judea (modern Israel) these three great systems are even now in touch with one another -- with results that hint at the most serious consequences. For the Muhammadan Arabs are violently opposed to the State of Israel; and the Papacy has uttered its protest against the "desecration of the holy places" by Jewish occupancy. So right here is a situation that is pregnant with great possibilities. For out of it might easily spring events that will set those mighty forces into operation, whereby the mystery of God shall be finished, His enemies be overwhelmed, and the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of YEHOVAH and of His Messiah.


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