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Just What Was Cain Afraid Of?

The making of mankind took place at a totally different time than the making of Adam, they are two very different events in history. It is only with this understanding that we can clear up all the hard questions regarding Cain. All creation, including the making of mankind, was completed by the end of the sixth day. However, Adam was not formed within those six days

by Peter Meyer

In the first two chapters of Genesis there are two accounts of the making of mankind, the first in chapter one, on the sixth day and before the seventh day of rest, and the second in chapter two, which is specific to the making of Adam, after the seventh day of rest.

Now most all would have us believe that these two accounts are just that -- two accounts of the same event within creation -- that the second account is just further elucidation of the first account. I say this understanding is wrong and that they are in fact two accounts of two very different events. There are a number of indicators to show this, the first being in the first account where the male and female were created together.

Yet, in the making of Adam, Adam was made first and Eve was made some time later; also, when Cain killed Abel and when he was banished he was afraid that the people would kill him no matter where he went, hence YEHOVAH marked him so they would not. Where did these people come from? Also, he found a wife and ended up building a city, where did the wife come from? And you need more than one family to build a city, where did the other people come from?

When Cain killed his brother Abel and got banished, he was told the ground would no longer sustain him and that he would be a fugitive on the earth. A fugitive is one who flees, who is he fleeing from after his banishment? In verse fourteen of chapter four we are told that Cain was scared that anyone who would find him would kill him, as he was the first born of Adam. Who was out there to kill him in the first place?

So, who did Cain marry?

And how did Cain build a city if there was only him?

If we suppose for one second that Adam and Eve were indeed the worlds first ever couple, and Cain and Abel were the first children of the first couple, then where did the woman he married in the land of Nod come from?

Christianity, Judaism, and even the Messianic movement, say she was his sister or niece, but I do not accept this for a few reasons. Firstly, in the ancient days it was the way for families to live together in groups. We can see that with the twelve tribes of Israel, they never tended to wander off to other lands and live. For Cain to have married his sister or niece, then that woman would have had to leave the family of Adam and Eve some time before Cain killed Abel. Why is there no mention of her? If she existed then, why would she have left the safety of the family group for a life of wandering, a life of danger, loneliness, etc? It just does not make any sense whatsoever that a female would have left and gone to live in a place called "wandering."

Also, who was Cain afraid of? He was scared that "ALL" the people who would come across him would kill him -- who were these people? Also, why didnít YEHOVAH God turn around to him as say "donít be stupid, those few people out there are your family, they moved out some time ago and do not know of you killing your brother, etc, etc." No, YEHOVAH said nothing of the sort, instead He agreed with Cain that they would indeed kill him, hence the mark. Also the Hebrew word kol translated "all" does imply quite a few people, so where did they all come from? Also, do not forget Cain wandered for an unspecified length of time before he settled in Nod, so how many people did he come across? It was more than just a few odd family members, I bet.

And who did he build a city with? It takes a few more people than a man and his wife to build a city, also who were these people and where did they come from?

That is apart from the incest aspect of marrying your sister or niece. Most "Christians" would have us believe that incest was not against the "law" of YEHOVAH God at that time since they believe the "law" came in with Moses. This is utter claptrap and the reasoning of unthinking people. If this was the case then, Cain would never have been guilty of murder because the "laws" did not exist at that time, and his initial sacrifice would have been guiltless had there been no instructions to go by.

That fact alone, his sacrifice being unacceptable, proves that Adam and Eve were indeed given the instructions to live by, especially as they lived, walked with and communed with YEHOVAH God in the enclosed and protected garden -- instructions which they would have passed on to their children. Do not forget that YEHOVAH warned Cain that sin was at the doorway, and sin is defined as going against the Torah, the instructions of YEHOVAH God, therefore the Torah must have existed in the time of Cain and Abel.

As such then incest, as part of the Torah, would have been in effect at this time just as well as it is today. So the nonsense argument he married his sister because there was no Torah yet just does not hold water, the argument is like a ship made of paper on the open waters, it will not last 5 minutes.

No, the only conclusion we can come to is there were other people on the earth at this time, and people that had been around for a very long time. So who were these people? I believe these were the "mankind" made on day six of creation, and it was these people that grew and multiplied upon the face of the earth. It was because of these other people groups that Adam was separated from, for I can think of no other reason for him to be put in an enclosed and protected garden.

Now for another whopper of a controversy. I believe all creation, including the making of mankind, was completed by the end of the sixth day, no doubt about that. But I do not believe Adam was made within those six days, I believe he was made after the seventh day of rest. Heretic, I hear you cry out! But think about it, it is in the two clues. The first is the placement in Scripture of the account of the making of Adam, after the setting apart of the seventh day as a special day of rest, not before.

Also we are told that there was no man yet to till the ground, that is no real agriculture was underway yet, hunter gatherers, indeed, but no true farmers. They did not start until about 12,000 years ago, in around 10,000 BCE. Mankind has been around a lot longer than that. Also, the seventh day, from the perspective of YEHOVAH God did indeed last for 24 hours, but from our perspective, looking back in time, remembering time is relative to the observer, it could have lasted over 100,000 years, and the records of Archaeology show mankind has been around at least 100,000 years.

So, in conclusion, the making of mankind took place at a totally different time than the making of Adam, they are two very different events in history. It is only with this understanding that we can clear up all the hard questions regarding Cain. In fact, with this understanding, there are no hard questions at all to answer. I do not like using things from philosophers but one springs to mind, Ockhamís razor which states that suppose there exists two explanations for a certain occurrence, then the one which requires the least speculation is normally the better one. The more assumptions you have to make the more unlikely the event. And there is far more assumptions that have to be made if there was no other people groups made separately from and before Adam.


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