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YEHOVAH God's Lonely Men

We may be few in number but we have a gigantic task. Victory depends not on the people on our side, but on whether we are on YEHOVAH God's side.

by HOIM Staff

We are really quite few who understand the origins of the United States and the other Anglo-Saxon-Celtic nations of the world, and most of us, who have been blessed to learn the truth, follow it closely, but keep it out of their daily life so as to not appear to be branded a follower of a cult. It's not easy being part of a very small minority who see Israelites other than the vast majority of Edomite Jewish people. But, we Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian and kindred peoples ARE Israel, and those who know have a mission to sow the seed of truth in their brethren around the world, and to spread news of the soon-coming Kingdom of YEHOVAH God.

I would like to bring to your attention that Yeshua the Messiah was the Redeemer of Israel. By his death on the tree, he paid the price of the redemption of the Nation Israel. Referring to Titus 2:14, we read: "Who gave Himself for us that He might redeem us from all iniquity and purify unto Himself a peculiar people."

Also Galatians 4:5: "To redeem them that were under the law." Israel is the ONLY people spoken of in Scriptures as "peculiar" and the ONLY people that were "under the law." Therefore, when you think about it, the Messiah redeemed the Nation Israel -- and no one else. As further proof Matthew 15:24: says, "I am not sent but unto the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel."

Now the Celto-Saxon people of our time are descendants of the Lost House of Israel. This is no longer a theory, but an established fact that can be proved in any unbiased court. The definition of the word "redeem," as given in the Standard Dictionary, is: "To re-establish a former relationship." This is what the Messiah did for the Nation Israel. They were restored to their former relationship with YEHOVAH God. In order for the redemption of the nation to become effective, the nation must be willing to accept that redemption. One of the things we have to do is to spread the teaching of the Kingdom Gospel so that the different nations of the Celto-Saxon peoples will get down on their knees and nationally repent of their sins, and ask Almighty God to make the redemption effective. Then we have the promise that such a blessing will be poured out on us that there will not be room to store it. Also, that all the glorious promises made to restored Israel will come into effect.

We may be few in number but we have a gigantic task. And being a minority should not deter us because we can look at other minorities throughout the Scriptures for confidence and for the realization that one day soon we will win out.

When Noah built the Ark, he was in the minority -- he won. When Joseph was sold into Egypt by his brothers, he was in the minority -- but he won. When Gideon and his 300 followers, with their broken pitchers and lamps, put the Midianites to flight, they were in the minority. But they won. When Elijah prayed down fire from heaven, and frustrated the prophets of Baal, he was in the minority -- but he won. David, ridiculed by his brothers, went out to meet Goliath; was in the minority -- he won. When Yeshua the Messiah was crucified on the tree, he was in the minority -- but he "won"!

Victory depends not on the people on our side, but on whether we are on YEHOVAH God's side.


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