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Truth Versus Opinion

The days leading up to, and including, the recent Judge Kavanaugh hearing have been a stain on our country and Constitution. That a man can have his reputation and life destroyed by unsubstantiated claims, reinforced by a cabal of hypocritical politicians and news media who have no interest in truth or the well-being of accuser and accused, should give us pause as to where this nation of ours is headed.

by W. H. Bennett

One of the things which the people of this generation must learn before there can be any real progress towards overcoming the great problems which confront us, is that there are some things which are not matters of opinion -- which remain true or false, right or wrong, regardless of what people may think of them.

For example, no sane person would think of questioning the multiplication table, the force of gravity, or the speed of light. These are eternal constants -- facts which always were and always will be true. Two plus two equaled four long before there was a human being to recognize the fact, and will continue to do so throughout all eternity.

Obviously, such things are in no way affected by human opinion, for the fact that two plus two are four would remain true even if all the people in the world thought otherwise.

Truth, therefore, is NOT a matter of opinion. A thing is either true or it is false, it is either right or it is wrong, regardless of what anyone or any number of people may think.

This fact, so well recognized in mathematics and the sciences, applies with equal force in the field of human affairs. Here too, Truth is not a matter of opinion, but of fact. Right and wrong do not change to suit human desires or opinions but, like the multiplication table, they remain constant and eternal. How, then, are we to know the Truth, and how can we know right from wrong?

To this there can be but one answer. The truth concerning right and wrong in human behavior and relations, and in the conduct of human affairs, is to be found only in that infallible Revelation of the Will and Purpose of the Creator which we call the Bible.

In it, the Infinite Intelligence which conceived and created this boundless universe has revealed to us the eternal and unchanging standards by which we can know right from wrong in human affairs. This defining of what is right and what is wrong is in the form of Commandments and Laws dictated by the Creator Himself, and they too, like the multiplication table, are fixed and eternal.

Thus, regardless of what we may desire or think, or of what any number of people may think, the fact is that the ONLY way to attain righteousness in human affairs, and to avoid evil, is in unquestioning and implicit OBEDIENCE to God's Commandments and Laws. Human ideas and opinions are of no account whatsoever.

Further, this Truth applies to ALL human activity and relations; to ALL phases of our religious, political, social and economic life. Thus the right or the wrong of any religious teaching or practice is not a matter of opinion but of what the Word of God says. The right or the wrong way of conducting our political and national affairs is not a matter of opinion to be decided by the ballot, but of doing as God commands. The right or the wrong way of governing our social actions and relationships is not a matter of opinion, but of obedience to, and the enforcement of, God's Commandments and Laws. Likewise, the right or the wrong way of conducting our economic and financial affairs is not a matter of opinion, even if that opinion is of the supposedly expert variety, but rather of obedience to, and the administration of our economic affairs in conformity with God's Economic and Financial Laws.

Thus, regardless of what the politically ambitious and the experts may say, the Truth concerning right and wrong in human behavior, and the conduct and administration of human affairs, is NOT a matter of opinion. It is an UNALTERABLE DIVINE DECREE.

We may deny or ignore this fact, as we have done, suffering the inevitable penalties as a result but, if we are ever to make any progress in overcoming the many problems confronting us today, we must recognize and act upon this fact; that the Truth concerning right and wrong, as revealed in the Bible, is not subject to, or in any way affected by, human ideas and opinions. It must be observed, administered, and enforced, with UNQUESTIONING and IMPLICIT obedience.



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