The Spartan Lacedaemonians

"There is good evidence to the effect that the Lacedaemonian Greeks were Israelites. Josephus has recorded an exchange of letters between a remnant of this section of the ancient Greeks and the Jews in Palestine during the period of the Maccabees, in which 'the Israelite descent of the Lacedaemonians is definitely established' (Antiquities, Bk. XII, iv, 10 and '1 Macc.' 12). The seal affixed to the Lacedaemonian letter bore the DANITE EMBLEMS, eagle and serpent. It is worthy of note that the same heraldic device of the TRIBE OF DAN is described in Homer's Illiad as appearing over the contending armies during the siege of Troy: a clear indication at least that the emblems were recognized as having national significance in the eyes of the foremost classical writer of ancient Greece (Bk. XII, lines 216-249).

"According to Herodotus the Lacedaemonians were of DORIC blood -- so called from Dorus, son of Helen. As it has been established that the Lacedaemonians were DANITE, it follows that the Dorians must at least have been HEBREWS. Herodotus states that the Lacedaemonians claimed that their laws were brought from CRETE by Lycurgus."

-- Wake Up! May, 1979.

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